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Energy efficient cooking

Energy efficient cooking


Let’s face it, we’re all looking for ways to save energy in the kitchen these days. No one likes to wait for a pot of water to boil. Good news, BergHOFF cookware will save you a lot of energy through excellent energy efficiency of its cooking utensils.


BergHOFF is always looking for the most optimal solution and combines suitable and effective high-quality materials to optimize energy-efficient cooking. For example, BergHOFF's encapsulated bottom technology combines the heat-inducing capacity of the high magnetic stainless steel with the excellent heat conduction of the aluminum core disc. This capsule bottom technology is designed for maximum efficiency, durability and cooking pleasure.


In general, the use of BergHOFF cookware leads to less cooking time and therefore to more energy savings for you and your family! By taking some small steps, you save energy, time and therefore money. Discover our tips & tricks below.



Tips & Tricks:

1/ Use cookware with a full bottom disc or cookware with a high-quality capsule technology.
2/ Cooking with lids significantly reduces the cooking time.
3/ Use suitable pans: the bottom diameter of your cookware must match the cooking zone to lose as little energy as possible.
4/ Passive cooking: Use residual heating of the cooking utensils by removing it from the hob and letting your dish rest for a few more minutes using the lid until the cooking time is well done. This not only saves energy, but also reduces to 80% of CO2 emissions.
5/ Boil with less water or even steam your dishes: this saves you vitamins and cooking time, resulting in less energy consumption.
6 Make one-pan dishes in a wok or casserole.
7/ Do not leave your hood on the highest setting and clean the filter regularly.
8/ Defrost and Cool: Defrost frozen ingredients in the refrigerator to reduce energy consumption.


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