BergHOFF's sustainability strategy

BergHOFF's sustainability strategy


At BergHOFF, we love our planet as much as you do. That’s why we design durability, reusability and recyclability into all the kitchenware & cookware collections to minimize the impact of our products on nature. Examples are kitchen tools with double functions, jars that prevent food waste and smart cookware for more energy-efficient cooking.


We strongly believe in a total environment of saving energy, efficiency and time. The new generation BergHOFF kitchenware fits the needs of today’s customers in changing world. On top of that, we support big and small initiatives that make the world more beautiful.


People today are looking for solutions to reduce the impact of the rising energy prices on their daily lives. BergHOFF is ready to respond to this evolution with new cookware series in different price categories. The new series are made from recycled materials, have a healthy ceramic coating without PFAS and are energy-efficient, which results in saving energy, time and money!


BergHOFF believes in functional product design in consideration of the 3R strategy of waste management, to move towards a sustainable tomorrow. Together we can make a difference and at BergHOFF we are implementing these 3R’s step by step.


REUSE - REDUCE - RECYCLE, the 3 key focus areas of BergHOFF for a sustainable tomorrow.


1/ Reuse: Our qualitative products are designed in a way to improve the overall product lifespan, where reusability of products is a main goal for a sustainable tomorrow.


2/ Reducing:

    • Reducing energy consumption: We strongly believe in an environment of saving energy, efficiency and time. All of BergHOFF’s cookware are incredibly energy-efficient due to the qualitative base for a quick and even heat distribution which results in time efficient cooking and avoids burned edges. You save energy, time and money.
    • Reducing plastics in packaging: We also reduce plastics into our packaging, such as polybags and plastic laminations, to help the climate, as long as the safety is guaranteed.

    3/ Recycling: We keep ‘design to recycle’ in mind for both our products and packaging.


      • Recycling packaging: Most of our paper packaging is 100% recyclable and does not contain any plastics. We intent to have a FSC certified paper-based packaging which is 100% recyclable.
      • Recyclable or recycled materials: The majority of our new products is made with recyclable and/or recycled resources.



    Together we can make a difference!          



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