BergHOFF is an international brand which defines, designs and delivers kitchen- & cookware designs with an edge, enhancing your everyday cooking experience. Our passion for cooking and a keen eye for detail result in products that have been recommended and rewarded for their aesthetics and functionality. Distributed via a worldwide network, BergHOFF is the brand that brings design and innovation to every kitchen.


We are not just another kitchen- & cookware supplier. At BergHOFF, we believe in creating sustainable, innovative, and high-quality products at an affordable price, accessible to everyone, to elevate the everyday cooking experience. We're dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and our stakeholders without compromising on quality or performance. Explore BergHOFF’s world of culinary excellence with our curated range of sustainable products to deliver a complete and extraordinary cooking experience.


We are passionate about cookware in all its forms and have 30 years of experience. Combine this with our in-house expertise and longstanding commitment to making quality design and you’ve got a mature brand that provides you with the right ingredients for your everyday and not so everyday cooking adventures.