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I am healthy and recycled

I am healthy and recycled


On our packaging we mention that our products are healthy and recycled with the text: "I'm healthy & recycled". But why are our products healthy and what is the impact of recycled products on performance, quality or safety? You can read all about it here.


Healthy cooking utensils, what does it mean?

Experience a healthier culinary journey with BergHOFF’s innovative cooking and kitchen utensils. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in the application of our CeraGreen non-stick coating, which promises a great cooking experience and excellent baking results without any PFAS.


CeraGreen is made from strong natural materials and is offered in various mineral mixtures. It is a PFAS-free alternative to non-stick coatings and outperforms the usual PTFE coatings in terms of health benefits. It’s not only better for you; it’s better for the environment.


The performance of our CeraGreen anti-canopic coatings is unmatched. With different color options, these coatings are not only heat and stain resistant, but also odour and taste neutral. Choose the perfect color to suit your lifestyle and values.


Rest assured, our ceramic coating complies with the latest European legislation and guarantees not only excellent non-stick performance, but also safety when using it. Boost your cooking experience with BergHOFF – where health, performance and style come together in every culinary creation.



Recycled cookware: what and how?

Wondering if recycled products can match the performance of their unrecycled alternative? Curious about the composition of recycled products? Or are you worried about the safety of recycled products? Are you tired of wondering why recycled products seem more expensive than non-recycled items? Let’s discover the world of recycling!


What are recycled products made from?

Recycled products are made from end-users’ production waste or waste. Recycling manufacturers are certified to ensure traceability and to check the recycled content. The percentage of recycled material can vary from order to order, depending on availability on the market. At BergHOFF, our recycled plastic products contain at least 20% recycled content and our recycled metal cookware (stainless steel or aluminium) contain at least 90% recycled consumer waste. All this meets strict European standards.


What about the quality?

Comlubable metal waste is processed by extraction into the basic raw material components, ensuring the same properties, quality or performance as with new raw materials. These recycled components form the basis for new metal compounds and alloys, identical to new alloys. Everything is checked according to existing European and international metal standards. Plastic waste is sorted, washed and processed into recycling pellets. In order to guarantee the same properties, quality or performance as new plastic, certain additives are added. They are all checked in the same way as new plastic and tested to strict European food contact standards.


What about sustainability?

Recycling consumes up to 95% less energy compared to mining and the production of raw metals. Fewer raw materials from our earth are used because mining is excluded. For plastics, there is a significant reduction in waste, fossil raw materials and CO2 emissions up to 85%.


What about the costs?

Due to the complexity of recycling, the cost of recycled material is still slightly higher than that of new material. As recycling becomes more efficient and new material scarcer, the cost difference is likely to disappear.



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