A strong but friendly personality, playful but simple designs, both colorful and natural materials, with the Leo collection, our BergHOFF design team has created a set of kitchen utensils that harmoniously blends properties that seem incompatible at first glance . This tour de force is a new chapter in the history of BergHOFF that opens all the registers.

leo lifestyle

Discover our series in Leo

BergHOFF started developing products in series for the Leo collection to provide customers with a complete cooking experience with the best designs at the best possible prices. Within a series, we offer a range of products in various categories, such as cookware, kitchenware, knives, baking utensils, storage, ... The purpose of a series is to create a suitable and complete cooking experience in your kitchen. In the overview below we present our most comprehensive series at the moment. Every year we launch several new items to expand our series even further with useful extensions.

leo kitchen

Leo's colourful kitchen

Fresh, fun and functional is the best way to describe this collection that instantly adds a trendy touch to the kitchen. With a selection of refreshing kitchenware and tools, it aims to inspire new cooking adventures and encourage cooks to put their cooking skills to the test. Thanks to the array of accessible designs, Leo makes it easy to enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

leo kitchen

- Who is Leo?

Leo stands for a young and playful chef who loves simple but smart must-haves to complete a set of kitchen and cooking utensils. For Leo, cooking equals pure pleasure with the right tools that are both fashionable and functional. It is a modern personality who likes to mix and match to add a personal touch to the kitchen without compromising on performance.

cooking with Leo

Cooking with Leo

A cook who likes Leo to use cookware and accessories is someone who loves smart simplicity. This chef does not look for unnecessary gadgets, but appreciates a simple visual design that surprises with smart features. It is cooking in a world where color goes hand in hand with natural, high-quality materials and stylish designs go hand in hand with practical features.

Leo cookware

Leo cookware

The good feeling atmosphere created by this line stems from the harmonious mix of dynamic colors, pure shapes and a technical ingenuity that all come together in simple multifunctional kitchen utensils. Easy to combine with BergHOFF’s different product lines, Leo designs are the perfect tools to create fun memories and vibrant cooking experiences.


To the road to a sustainable future

We design sustainability, reusability and recyclability in our Leo cooking and kitchenware to minimize the impact of our products on nature.

Examples include kitchen tools with dual functions and pots made from recycled plastic to prevent food waste. The new Leo cookware is made of recycled materials, has a healthy (PFAS-free) ceramic coating and is energy efficient! Our product packaging is FSC certified, 100% recyclable and does not contain plastic laminations.

Leo facts

Leo facts

  • Multifunctional and fashionable kitchenware
  • Playful but simple designs
  • Convenient functions
  • Mix of colorful and natural materials
  • Easy to combine